Color refers to the way that a stone reflects and refracts light, acting as a prism to divide light into a spectrum of colors. This light reflected in colorful flashes is referred to as "fire." The less "color" in a diamond gemstone the more vivid the fire and the better the color grade. When selecting an individual diamond gemstone for an engagement ring one must consider the desired color in combination with clarity and cut. Similar to looking through colored glass, color in a diamond acts as a filter, diminishing the spectrum of color emitted. Thus, the less color in a diamond, the more vibrant the fire and the better the color grade.


Diamond color is referenced by letter, beginning with the letter D and concluding with the end of the English alphabet. Diamonds graded D - F are considered colorless and thus more valuable, while G - J are near-colorless. Raineri Jewelers tends not to carry anything lower than a J or K color for larger diamond centerstones to be featured in an engagement ring setting. Typically the more colorless a diamond the more expensive, however diamonds with vivid pink and blue hues are extremely valuable and extraordinary. Furthermore fancy yellow diamonds often referred to as canary yellow are extremely desirable as well as a less traditional choice.

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