Peridot is one of the few gemstones occurring in only one basic color, a yellow-green shade. The tint and intensity of peridot depends on how much iron is contained in its crystal structure therefore the shade of each individual gem can vary from yellow-green to olive-green to brownish-green. A deep olive-green is considered the most prized hue.

Peridot is the only gemstone found in meteorites making it a distinctive and unique gemstone that is also the birthstone of August and Zodiac stone for the constellation Libra. Throughout history, peridot has often been confused with many other gemstones, especially the emerald. In fact, many “emeralds” included in royal treasure troves have turned out to be peridot on further inspection!

This widely popular verdant gemstone is mined throughout the world yet much of the best quality peridot hails from Pakistan.

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