Custom Engagement Rings

As specialists is custom jewelry design, we can create a custom engagement ring setting based on your verbal description and sketched drawings. Let us design an engagement ring you'll be sure to love for a lifetime.

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Diamond Engagament Rings & Ring Settings

Raineri Jewelers features a large collection of unique, high-quality diamond engagement ring settings, bridal sets & wedding bands to fit every taste & price range. We are also Authorized Retailers of Verragio diamond engagement ring settings, Charriol engagement rings and many other Designer Engagement Ring Settings.

Designer Engagament Rings

We are proud to be an Authorized Dealer of many designer Engagement Ring, Diamond Ring Settings & Wedding Bands, including...

Types of Ring Settings

Ring Settings vs Ring Mountings
Many people ask us about the difference between ring settings and ring mountings. The answer is: nothing at all! Ring Mountings is simply a term that is used more frequently within the jewelry industry, while Ring Settings is more commonly used by brides to be.


Prong Settings

The Prong Setting is the most popular choice for an engagement ring setting, especially for classic solitaire settings. The diamond in a prong setting is set in a metal basket and secured with three or more prongs, or claws, giving the appearance the the diamond is 'floating' above the ring. This setting type allows the most light to enter the diamond and refract within, increasing the diamond's sparkle. While a 6 prong setting provides the most secure set for a diamond, a 4 prong setting will show off more of the diamond itself. While prong settings are easier to clean than other types of settings they tend to get caught on hair and clothing, and prongs that are too thin may be easily bent or twisted, which can result in a lost diamond.


Bezel Settings

A Bezel Setting provides good protection for diamonds and other gemstones and is known for it's durability. This type of setting secures a stone with a metal band that is shaped and sized to match the shape and size of the diamond or gemstone it will hold. The edges of the metal band are then pressed down over the edges of the stone, locking it in place. While bezel settings are sometimes more expensive than other types of ring settings, they are unlikely to snag on hair or clothing because of their smooth surface. Bezel settings can also cover minor flaws in a diamond and make the stone appear larger than it would in a prong setting.


Channel Settings

Channel Settings are one of the most common types of settings. This is mainly due to their diversity, as they can be used to accent a center stone or even comprise a complete ring by themselves, as seen in many eternity bands. In a channel setting a row of diamonds or gemstones similar in shape and size are arranged in a line an inset into a channel on the ring's band, where a narrow stip of metal along the sides holds the stones in place. As the gems in this type of setting are inset into the ring itself they are protected from chipping and are less likely to snag on clothing and the like.

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